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PIO Card Scheme

The PIO Card for Persons of Indian Origin



The Government of India understands and respects your need to be close to your place of origin and has accordingly launched the ‘PIO Card’ scheme, aimed at making the journey back to your roots, simpler, easier, flexible and trouble free.

Who is eligible?

Any person:

  • who at any time held an Indian passport; or
  • he/she or either of his/her parents or grandparents or great grandparents was born in and permanently resident in India as defined in the Government of India Act, 1935 and other territories that became part of India thereafter provided neither was at any time a citizen of any country as may be specified by the Central Government from time to time; or
  • who is a spouse of a citizen of India or a Person of Indian Origin as mentioned above.  The Government of India has clarified that if any foreigner obtains a PIO card by virtue of being a spouse of an Indian national or of a PIO, and later on he/she divorces the Indian/PIO spouse, the Indian/PIO spouse must inform the authorities for cancellation of PIO card.  Even if otherwise, it comes to the notice of PIO issuing authorities that any such PIO card holder has divorced his/her Indian/PIO spouse, the authority concerned would cancel his/her PIO card.


(Click here to download PIO Form)