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Recruitment from India

The documents/formalities required for attestation of employment documents.

As per existing guidelines on recruitment of workers from India, employer is required to submit following documents, complete and duly filled in  both in Arabic and english to the Consulate General of India, Jeddah for latter’s examination and attestation, well in advance.

  1. Model Employment Agreement (separate agreement for each category and specimen agreement in case of group visa attested by MOFA and Chamber of Commerce).  
  2. Power of Attorney (attested by MOFA and Chamber of Commerce). 
  3. Demand Letter (attested by MOFA and Chamber of Commerce). 
  4. Company-Registration certificate (with authenticated english translation).
  5. Employment-Visa issued by the Labour Ministry (with authenticated english translation).
  6. Original authority letter in the name of bearer of these documents (If the documents are submitted by the person other than the employer).
  7. copy of the contract awarded to the sponsor (in case of bulk recruitment).

Additional requirements for recruitment of House drivers and other domestic workers.

  1. Copy of Identity-Card of the employer
  2. Location map of the residence of the employer.
  3. Model Employment Agreement to be attested by Omda (in lieu of MOFA & Chamber of Commerce.)


1. The Employer is also required to submit clear and complete  coordinates of the Recruiting Agent in India along with their License/ Registration number, issued by the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs, Government of India.

2.These formats are available free of charge and can be had from the office on any working day.

Format of documents

Employment Agreement

Power of Attorney

Demand Letter

Facilities for Saudi Employers by HOPAS (Haryana Overseas Placement Assistance Society)

Haryana Overseas Placement Assistance Society (HOPAS) -A    society under the Ministry of Labour  &  Employment, State Government of Haryana, India has set up an Overseas Placement Bureau which  provides information, guidance and assistance for overseas placements of Indian workforce. For foreign employers, the Bureau also provides them with trained/skilled manpower of desired skills mainly of the following categories;
1. Electricians
2. Welders
3. Plumbers
4. Masons 
5. Scaffolders 
6. Riggers
7. Time Keepers
8. Pipe Fitters
9. Diesel / Hydraulic Mechanic 
10. Security Guards 
11. Drivers
12. Accountants
13. Hospitality & Hotel Management
14. Crane Operators
15. All categories in diploma holder
16. All categories in degree holder
17. General Labourer/s 
Saudi Employers requiring manpower, may avail this facility and contact directly with the Bureau at the  following coordinates;
Department Of Employment, Govt Of Haryana
Panchkula ,India
Office: +91-172-2578000 | Fax: +91-172-2572111, Email: hopashry[at]gmail[dot]com|
Website:  www.opbharyana.comwww.hrex.org