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  • Emergency Contact Number : 00966-556122301

Welfare Functions


Counseling Indian workers on various labour disputes and contractual violations.
Settlement of labour disputes between expatriate Indian nationals and Saudi sponsors through amicable negotiations, correspondence with Saudi sponsors and local Foreign Office. 

Providing free Interpreter service to Indian workers to pursue their cases at Labour Courts.

Facilitating repatriation to India of housemaids and stranded workers. 

Periodical visits to labour camps, various Jails to see the living conditions and to sort out problems.

Attestation of   documents pertaining to recruitment of manpower from India.

Assisting relatives/ friends on formalities in case of death of an Indian national in Saudi Arabia.

Issue of No Objection Certificate for the local burial or transportation of mortal remains of deceased to India.

Attending complaints and follow up  with sponsors, local authorities for the quick burial/ transportation to India of mortal remains.

Counseling and corresponding with the family members of an Indian national over claims involving death compensation.

Attending hearings in Public Court in various cities for the settlement of death compensation claims of deceased Indian national on behalf of next of kin.  

Realization of death compensation claims from Saudi authorities, repatriation of the same to India to the next of kin.

Consulate General of India and the officials of Community Welfare Wing are always at the service of the Indian community who can be contacted at any time on the address given below for advice and assistance.

Community Welfare Wing,
Consulate General of India,
P.O. Box 952, Jeddah-21421
Tel : 012-6649563
Fax: 012-2610574