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How to Register a Labour complaint with the Indian Consulate

For redressing of their employment-related grievances, Indian workers may contact the Consulate on any working day along with relevant information furnished in the following format or approach the concerned labour-court.


Consulate General of India
(Community Welfare Wing)

Particulars of the Employee


Name &
Mobile No.
Passport Details Date of Arrival in KSA Place of Working in KSA
(village/City & Province)
Post Box No.
No. Date of Issue Place of issue
Address in India

Particulars of the Recruiting Agency in India


Name Address Telephone/Fax /Mobile Nos. & E.Mail Address Registration No.

Professional Details


Sponsors Name
& Address
Mobile /Tel. No. Type of Visa / Profession Iqama No. & validity Labour Court Jurisdiction

Grievance(s)(Please tick the category )


1 Underpaid
 (Low Salary)
7 Granting Exit/Re-Entry
instead of Final-Exit
2 Long hours of work 8 Not Giving End-Of-Service Benefit (ESB)
3 Work Below Dignity/ Other Than Agreed 9 Declared Absconder by the Sponsor
On (date) --------------
4 Illegal Confinement 10 Absconding From The Sponsor
5. Manhandling/Physical Torture 11 Medical Emergency (
Pl give a brief description) & Nature of Help Sought (Financial /Legal)
6 Not Allowing Exit/Vacation 12 Any Other (Pl specify below)

 Following is the list of Labour Courts which falls in the jurisdiction of Consulate General of India, Jeddah. For redressing of their employment– related problems, employees of all professions except following categories may file their complaints /representations in one of the labour courts in the jurisdiction of which they are working;

  1. Domestic helpers and the like.
  2. Sea workers working on board the vessels with a load of less than five hundred tons.
  3. Agricultural/pastoral workers other than those employed in the firms which process their own products and / or having less than ten workers.
  4. Workers employed for specific tasks for a period not more than two months.

List of Saudi Labour Courts under CGI-Jeddah’s Jurisdiction

Cities Telephone Nos
Makkah 02-5420745
Jeddah 02-6311687
Taif 02-7495200
Qunfudhah 07-7321250
Madinah 04-8654417
Yanbu 04-3222488
Alula 04-8840830
Abha 07-2242128
Bishah 07-6226718
Albahah 07-7253240
Najran 07-5221431
Jazan 07-3226446
Tabuk 04-4221181
Al Wajh 04-4421970

 Where  to register a complaint of a domestic worker – House Driver and Housemaid etc.  

        The Ministry of Labour’s Social Affairs Department of Saudi Arabia has established an exclusive office to deal with grievances of domestic workers (Drivers, Housemaids, Gardeners, Shepherds and farm workers) in Jeddah.  All Indian expatriate workers falling under this category may approach this office for redressing their grievances with proper documentations ( Work Contract Copy, Passport Copy, Iqama Copy, Contact address and telephone number of  the Khafil (Sponsors/Employer).   The petitions should be in Arabic along with the supporting documents.


However, for redressing of employment-related grievances for those categories as mentioned above which have no opportunity to approach labour-courts, a new office under the charge of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, Makkah Al Mukarramah Region, has been opened, in Jeddah. All domestic workers like house drivers, house-maids etc., can approach the abovementioned office on any working day with a representation/complaint neatly typed in Arabic along with supporting documents including copies of passport and Iquama (if in possession).  The coordinates of the office are given below;

Office of the Domestic workers Committee,
the Director of Welfare & Guidance,
Consultant of Training & Social Research,
near Al Hamra (formerly Sofitel) hotel, Jeddah .
Telephone No. 6616688, Fax: 6653238, Cell: 0504658803