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Labour Disputes

Indian workers facing harassments or dispute with his sponsor regarding non-payment of wages, leave, etc. can contact the Community Welfare Wing to sort out their problems. The officials of the Community Welfare Wing try to sort their problems through discussions with the sponsor for an amicable settlement. If no agreement or settlement is reached through discussions, the worker concerned is advised to approach the Labour Court where Interpreter’s services are made available by the Consulate free of cost to enable him to pursue his case in the court. At present, this service is available only at Jeddah and not in places outside Jeddah. It is always good for all Indian nationals to keep the copy of their Resident Permit (Iqama) and work contract with them to safeguard their interest.

The new Labour Law which came into force from 23rd April 2006 provides some benefits to expatriate workers. It stipulates that the employer will be liable to pay all expenses of recruitment, residence and work permits, renewals and penalties. Sponsorship fees and transfers will be paid by employer. In the event of death, the employer will bear the expenses on transportation of body to the country from which the worker belonged. Other benefits as stipulated in the new law are annual leave which has been increased from 21 days to 30 days after the worker has completed five years of service. He is also eligible for 120 days medical leave or leave without pay instead of 90 days.

This Consulate periodically organizes legal counseling session for Indian expatriates by hiring reputed Attorney to render legal advice to Indian workers in complicated cases.