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Consulate General of India,  Jeddah
Building of Mr. Mansoor Abdul Rahman Al Hueesh,
Villa No. 34. (Behind National Commercial Bank)
Near Al Huda Mosque,  Tahlia Street,  Jeddah
Telephone No. 00966-12-2614093,  Fax No. 00966-12-2840238
Web Site : www.cgijeddah.gov.in  

 Working Days & Timings.
Sunday to Thursday (0830 hrs to 1700 hrs.)
Holidays:  Friday & Saturday (list of other holidays)


We may be contacted between 16:00 – 17:00 hrs on working days for the enquiries on status  of :

Visa, PIO/ OCI cards 012-2611485
Passports 012-6634265
Community Welfare matters 012-2846130


For Services related to:

  e-Mail Address Contact No.
Passports cons.jeddah@mea.gov.in, passportenquiry.jeddah@mea.gov.in
012-6634265, 2611485,
Fax: 012-6637307
Visa/OCI/PIO visa.jeddah@mea.gov.in 012-6649562,
Fax: 012-6637307
Misc. Consular Services
(Attestation/POA/Birth/Marriage Certificate etc.)
cons.jeddah@mea.gov.in, passportenquiry.jeddah@mea.gov.in,
012-6634265, 2611485,
Fax: 012-6637307
Labour problems vclab.jeddah@mea.gov.in 012-2614093
Community Welfare conscw.jeddah@mea.gov.in 012-2846130,
Fax: 012-26105774
Haj Enquires consulhaj.jeddah@mea.gov.in, vchaj.jeddah@mea.gov.in 012-2840238, 6639351,      6639378
Commercial com.jeddah@mea.gov.in 012-6639854, 2610859
Right to Information (RTI) rti.jeddah@mea.gov.in 00966-12-2610859
Inquiries Related to Death Cases vclab.jeddah@mea.gov.in 0556122301


Name Designation Charge e-Mail
Mohd. Shahid Alam Consul General        Consul General cg.jeddah@mea.gov.in
Yumkhaibam Sabir Consul DCG/Consul (Haj & PIC consulhaj.jeddah@mea.gov.in
Mohd. Aleem Consul Consul (CW)  
Sahil Sharma Consul Consul (Cons.) cons.jeddah@mea.gov.in
Ms. Hamna Mariyam Consul Consul (Comm.) & HOC com.jeddah@mea.gov.in
T. Hangshing Consul Consul (Economic) & CPIO eco.jeddah@mea.gov.inrti.jeddah@mea.gov.in
Sachindra Nath Thakur Vice Consul VC (Passport)


Namo Narayan Meena Vice Consul Vice Consul (CW) vccw.jeddah@mea.gov.in
Mohd Omer Farooq Khan        Vice Consul Vice Consul (Eco) eco.jeddah@mea.gov.in
Syed Khudrathullah Vice Consul VC (Haj)



Malti Gupta Vice Consul  VC (Admin, Prop. & Edu.) admin.jeddah@mea.gov.in
Shekh Samim Vice Consul  Vice Consul (Accounts) & DDO accounts.jeddah@mea.gov.in
Amrendra Kumar Amresh Vice Consul  VC (Labour vclab.jeddah@mea.gov.in
P. Haridasan Vice Consul  VC (Passport II) Passport.jeddah@mea.gov.in,
Shri Shahenshah Alem Vice Consul  VC/PS to CG