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Documents to be submitted by HGOs

Documents to be submitted by PTO while registration with Indian Haj Mission, Makkah 

S.No Document (Photocopies)
01. Registration Certificate.
02. Specimen agreement entered with pilgrims giving details of facilities to be provided and the charges being collected as per Proforma attached.(Click here to download the proforma)
03. Details of Tour Assistant to be deputed (one for each 100 pilgrims of part thereof) to provide all services to the pilgrims.
04. Maktab number and the name of the service provider in Saudi Arabia
05. Tasri (Accommodation Copy of Makkah & Madina); If shifting in involved in Makkah/Madinah details of all tashree may be provided with dates of Accommodation, translated in Englist.
06. Address where the pilgrims will be staying in Makkah, Madinah etc.
07. Tentative date of pilgrims arrival in/departure from Saudi Arabia
08. In regard to accommodation for Hajis in Madinah, the PTO should enter into contracts with such housing groups which are capable of fulfilling their contractual obligations.
09. The PTO shall provide full information about its pilgrims and information of the pilgrims has to be uploaded in CGI website www.cgijeddah.com
10. A certificate from each pilgrim, either separately or jointly, stating that orientation programme/ all details related to Haj have been provided by the pilgrim
11. As per the undertaking given in writing by all the PTOs to the Ministry of External Affairs, they are bound to take the Group Accident Insurance Scheme / policy (of Haj Committee of India) in respect to all their pilgrims either through their respective PTOs Association or individually.
12. All the PTO’s should submit the exact date of pilgrims movement to Madinah from Makkah & back
13. Copy of Munazzim card.

Note : All documents to be attested by the PTO Proprietor.

It is obligatory that PTO should obtain an attestation from the Consulate General of India, Jeddah, in the prescribed proforma immediately on arrival