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Rituals of Haj Sacrifice


The Adahi Project is a project mandated by the Government of Saudi Arabia for the utilization of Sacrificial Meat.  It is run by the Islamic Development Bank (IDB).  Under this project, the pilgrims can buy vouchers for slaughter of animals – sheep/goats/cows/camels, they want to sacrifice during Haj.  Details of the project can be seen at http://www.adahi.org/adahisite/default.aspx.
2. Pilgrims have options of (i)  performing the sacrificing ritual of animals by themselves or (ii) having it performed under the pilgrims’ supervision at the slaughterhouses supervised by the Adahi Project Management or (iii) having it performed by proxy (i.e. in pilgrims’ absence) by the Adahi Project officials.  In all cases, the Adahi Project Management will complete the process of skinning and cleaning of sacrificed animals.
3. Pilgrims can buy Adahi vouchers from Indian Haj Pilgrims’ Office Branch Offices in Makkah and Madinah.  The Project coupons are also available with entities such as Al Rajhi, Al Amoudi, Hadyat Al Hajj Wal Moatamer as well as with Saudi Posts’ outlets throughout the Kingdom.  These coupons are for limited entry slaughterhouses where Qurbani would be made on behalf of the pilgrim who has purchased the coupon.
4. The other type of slaughterhouses are open slaughterhouses which are cows and camel slaughterhouse (No. 4) and the modern slaughterhouses of four units (B, D, E & F) for sheep and goats.  These slaughterhouses are open to all pilgrims where they can directly purchase one or more vouchers from outside the slaughterhouse for the animals they want to sacrifice and can go and do the sacrifice themselves or have it performed under their supervision.  These coupons are not being sold by the Indian Haj Mission and can be purchased directly from outside the slaughterhouse in Mina.
5. The price of one Adahi voucher for this year 1434H Hajj season is SR 490 (Saudi Riyals four hundred and ninety only).
6. Pilgrims are advised to make use of this Project and to avoid touts.