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Hiring of buildings in Makkah for the accommodation of Indian Pilgrims: Haj 2024

               Applications are invited from Owners, Mustajir (legally authorized lessors) or Authorized Saudi nationals’ representative who are willing to rent their buildings located in Azizia Makkah to the Indian Haj Pilgrims Office to accommodate Indian Haj Pilgrims in the forthcoming Haj 2024/1445 (H). The applicants have to register online through a link. (Click Below Button).


2.       Subsequently, the requisite documents, including original Tasreeh for Haj 2024/1445 (H) or previous original Tashreeh with documents indicating the processing for Tasreeh for the year 1445(H)/2024, Vakala – Sharia from the Saudi owners, or Nazarah (in case of Waqf properties) may then be submitted in original to the Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Tahlia Street, Behind SNB from 24-12-2023 onwards during all working days from 0900 to 1700 hrs. For any query you may contact at Telephone No. 012-6649379 / 012-6639351.

*Like Haj 1444H/2023 the rental per unit/bed for Haj 1445H/2024 would be SAR 2250/- (inclusive of VAT and applicable taxes/charges).